Tracktivity is all about doing small, but frequent, bouts of regular moderate-intensity physical activity, so that you build up to 150 minutes of physical activity a week - the NHS recommend amount.

The idea behind the Tracktivity name is simple, it's an app for tracking your activity! The branding focuses on the playful name and pairs it with the play icon to inspire a get-up-and-go-attitude.

Aimed at getting the inactive - active again, the UX requires to be highly accessible for a typically older generation. The UI aims to have a clinical feel with contrasting colours that help guide the user's eye.

The app links with a cost effective Fitbit Versa Lite to capture the user's activity and provide them with prompts and real time feedback on their Tracktivity progress.

A Fitbit Versa watch face was designed to synchronise with the app and display the user's goal progress as well as deliver congratulatory messages for when the user has completed a goal or Tracktivity.

Users are able to set their own goals with intuitive data provided to help guide their decision. Alternatively they can let the app determine goals based on their activity levels using the auto goal setting function.

Users can view and toggle recorded data across each activity metric in relation to their goals and compare that against someone else in their demographic.

The Tracktivity app is a one-stop-shop packed full of useful features to help users get the most out of their Tracktivity experience. These include a stopwatch for timing Tracktivities, reminders of setting Tracktivity notifications, a forum, a case studies area and a rich library of Tracktivity examples with a 'Tractivity Generator' randomiser tool.

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